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What if nothing NEEDED to change but
EVERYTHING could be different?

you're a high-achiever if...

*No matter what you do or achieve it never feels like it’s enough.

*You can’t afford to stop or slow down because there are too many people relying on you so you push through but then feel resentful for everything you have to give.

*You believe that it’s not THAT bad and besides, it’s easier if you just take care of things yourself. You believe that you’ll be able to catch your breath soon enough but then something else comes up that demands your attention and you find yourself in the repetitive loop of obligations, responsibilities, expectations and distractions.

*You crave a slower pace but find yourself falling back into habits of push, effort and hustle. You’re exhausted and near burnout, and deep down you know you need help.

The Magic Behind the Scenes…

As your coach, being a part of your journey of self-discovery is what lights me up! Witnessing your breakthroughs and transformation fills me with awe and wonder because I believe in the effect that one person can have on the rest of the world. Reinventing yourself is the true magic behind the scenes.

Through my coaching process, I help you find your centre and go from empty to full. Together, we’ll jump-start your creative flow and reignite the spark for personal growth and transformation.

I offer TWO programs, Awaken (short and sweet!) or Flow (deeper dive!) that will take you from depleted to engaged, overwhelm to IN control and burnout to wellbeing. Together, we’ll unleash more energy, freedom and flow.


From Blocked to Creatively Inspired

Transform depleted to engaged, defeated to empowered, overwhelm to in control and creatively inspired, with my three-session, one-on-one EFT program, Awaken.

If you’ve reached the point where enough is enough and something needs to change, then now is the time to do something about it!

Awaken helps you relieve stress, reduce overwhelm and calm anxiety through EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) also known as Tapping. EFT accesses your energy system by tapping on your acupuncture meridian points and improving the overall flow of energy through your body.

EFT brings awareness to repetitive patterns of thinking and behaviors that have built up over time. Using EFT, you learn to listen to your body for signals when you are out of alignment and better respond without defaulting to knee-jerk reactions whenever you feel hijacked by stressors throughout your day.

With newfound clarity, peace and purpose, you’ll develop a deeper self-connection that will boost resilience, shift your motivation and improve your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being which is all necessary for a healthier and happier life.

How does it work?

During a tapping session, you directly address how you feel. The goal is to bring up the negative as opposed to pushing it down. Shining a light on what you tell yourself to “stay safe” and exposing the “dark little secrets,” removes the power it has over you.

Tapping helps you get your WHOLE heart, body and mind working together. You become the observer, more expansive without judgment or attachment. Tapping opens up the door to new perspectives and choices, and gives you back the power to know what to do next or how to find an easier solution.

Let’s get started.
Looking forward to meeting you!


From Burnt Out to Burning Bright

From exhausted, and burnt-out to burning bright, Flow is my immersive, one-on-one, 16-week signature program.

Using a combination of coaching, tapping, visualization, and guided meditations, I’ll help you transform any blocks, and align with your inner guidance to forge a path forward to remove whatever is keeping you out of sync with your natural rhythm. With curiosity we will develop awareness and understanding for your maximum personal growth and transformation. We’ll unlock your connection to your deepest self and your own inner healer.

How does it work?

Using tools to access your innate body-mind-heart-soul connection, I’ll help you identify, clarify, rewire and reprogram thought and behavior patterns and align with your vision to take the necessary steps forward. We’ll work together to reignite your spark, create new habits, overcome setbacks when hijacked and find your flow. Your in flow energy™ is the unique way you consciously work together with, and not struggle against, whatever life throws at you.

As your coach, I’m not afraid to ask tough questions that encourage you to look within. I believe in you, in your resilience to heal yourself, and I will hold a safe space for you in which you can safely investigate your inner world. During this program, we will break the cycle of inner judgment and identify your blind spots as we co-create opportunities, possibilities and solutions.

This program is 16 weeks. I’ll meet with you for 90 minutes once a week via Zoom. 

Begin your journey into Flow. Book a Breakthrough Session Today.

let your light shine

When you truly accept yourself in all your humanness and discover your true soul’s essence,
there is an incredible light that shines through and the world becomes more brilliant as a result.

I celebrate curiosity, exploration and cultivate deep connections and conversations with my clients.

You are more powerful than you give yourself credit for and I want you to know that I believe in you, your gifts,
your potential and your purpose for being here even if you can’t see it or imagine it for yourself just yet.

I can’t wait to meet you!



I celebrate curiosity, exploration and cultivate deep connections and conversations with my clients. I inspire you to lean in and create your own impactful ripple effects of honesty, love, compassion and kindness that the world so desperately needs. 

Book a Breakthrough Session today. I look forward to meeting you.

Transform under PRESSURE to purposefully INSPIRED.
find your flow.

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