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Lost your PURPOSE and PASSION ?

Get to the root of what is keeping you Blocked, Exhausted and Burnt-Out

Transformational coaching that will crack you open so whatever you have been hiding can finally come to the surface and shine bright.

Inspiring you, the creative, to find your spark, and courageously make your mark on the world.

No more quick fixes or band-aid solutions.

Experience a renewal of purpose and enthusiasm to discover how truly amazing your life can be!


When the pandemic hit in 2020 my career came to a halting stop and I found myself on a roller coaster of emotions…there was fear, anxiety, grief, sadness, anger…but I soon realized that I had a choice. I could either continue to be swept away by all that was happening in the outside world or I could learn how to rebuild what I could control, my inside world.

When you journey inside to find your flow, and in the process fall in love with your deepest self, you find the courage to reignite your inner light and reveal your own, unique beauty to the world. This is how you change your life. It is how I changed my life.

I took the inner journey…it wasn’t easy…so I know how important it is to have someone who can sit with you when it gets messy, when you feel so alone and stuck in the darkness that you can’t imagine being able to climb out. I have been there, I can help you, and I can walk you back into the light, where your best self can shine through.

Transform burnout to shining BRIGHT, lost to ON MISSION and drowning under the pressure to purposefully INSPIRED.



I help success-driven creatives and entrepreneurs who feel frustrated, blocked or unsure how to move forward using tools
for mind-body-heart-soul connection through coaching, meditation, visualization and EFT (tapping).

I provide guidance, support, empowerment, and encourage you to take inspired action to change your life.

What makes me the perfect coach for you is my willingness to sit in the dark with you and illuminate
what needs to be said, felt, reconciled and released.



Does everyone think you have it together but inside you feel like you’re coming apart? Are you feeling:

  • Empty, numb or as if there is a void in your life
  • Believe there is more than what you currently have
  • Feel tired, frustrated, angry or uncertain
  • Lack energy, meaning or purpose
  • Suffer from low self-esteem and a lack of self-love
  • Feel disconnected, lost, stuck or broken
  • Are overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, pressure or worry

Then I’m here to support you. I work with clients from a diverse range of backgrounds but who are all guided by a creative spark and inner guidance.

I use a combination of coaching, tapping, visualization, and guided meditations, to help you create more:

Work with me

If you’ve reached the point where enough is enough and something needs to change,
then now is the time to do something about it!


Blocked to Creatively Inspired

Awaken is my three-session, one-on-one EFT program where we will transform confusion to clarity, fear to courage, self-doubt to confidence.


Burnt Out to Burning Bright

Flow is my immersive, one-on-one signature program. This program takes you from exhausted and blocked to shining bright and in full flow.


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I celebrate curiosity, exploration and cultivate deep connections and conversations with my clients. I inspire you to lean in and create your own impactful ripple effects of honesty, love, compassion and kindness that the world so desperately needs. 

Book a Breakthrough Session today. I look forward to meeting you.

Transform BURNOUT to shining BRIGHT.
find your flow.

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